FRIENDS and SISTERS は友達と姉妹の4人が、『ものづくり』というキズナでつながり、始まった活動です。まだ動き始めたばかりの私たち、まずは3月の末にある私たちの2回目になる作品展のご紹介から、と思いこのHPを立ち上げました。











FRIENDS and SISTERS is an activity started with 4 people who are friends and sisters and connected through the bond of being a creator.  Since our movement has just begun,  we established this website to introduce and promote our second group exhibition held at the end of March.


What would it be there when we combine the unrelated pieces of each work, created by each of us with our each thought…?


It will be held at a small cozy space in Kagurazaka and you can relax and enjoy our pieces of work.

Kagurazaka is a lovely town.  You can easily stop by during your afternoon walk, after hanami…(It is near one of the most famous hanami spots in Tokyo!)

It should be just like a little excitement when you open the treasure box you picked up from!


We will welcome you with a cup of tasty Japanese tea and special treats!


Yoroshiku onegai shimasu.




For more information, please e-mail at