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Special Guests



Jewelries, pieces of mysterious fascination attract both men and women.  Pearls, gold, and colourful glass balls...jewelries designed by Ryo who is also fascinated about them, are delicate and elegant.


Everyone has some clothes with special memories which you cannot through away easily but cannot use anymore.  In such situation, add a little twist to them giving another lives so that they can reborn to be used again.


Fashionable but homely bags designed by SORA are functional and detailed.  You might meet up with what you have been looking for.



Somehow by Japanese soul or what, we are attracted to Japanese dyed materials and Kimono.  Because the world or time of today, we would like to recommend to take such traditional materials into our daily life but modernly and simply.


Wui’s design combines traditional and modern style with full of new ideas.  You may be stimulated to wear kimono everyday by its refined sense of taste.

羽衣 wui




Although Kimono worn by women, a such skillful field has always been the world of men.  As it has proved in today’s hair and make-ups world, it has not changed that the handiness and delicacy, strain and pursuit for the beauty and the severe sense and style to decorate women beautifully of men have never changed.

Why don’t you come to see and feel the professional and traditional techniques that never change over the time.


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MACHIKO has been involving in activities in Niigata.  She is joining us as a special guest this time.

Her original dyed materials and weaves, and the beautiful tapestries are  something you cannot afford to miss.




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